City Underground Music Video

ANOVA SKYWAY release cinematic video for "City Underground"

ANOVA SKYWAY team up with Costin Chioreanu to produce an epic journey into the concept of "City Underground" from their latest EP, Reset

Houston’s alternative prog metal / rock collective ANOVA SKYWAY have teamed up with renowned Romanian artist, composer and graphic designer Costin Chioreanu to present a one of a kind visual journey into their newest offering, "City Underground." 

Well known for his graphic works for At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Napalm Death, Arcturus, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Ulver and many others; Chioreanu expertly captures the perplexing collisions among different spiritual beliefs and dissects the common theme of love that runs through them all in this stunning cinematic work of art. 

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On tapping Costin Chioreanu to bring “City Underground” to life on screen, ANOVA SKYWAY drummer Mike Marksberry shares, “Sean worked with Costin during his days with Oceans of Slumber (Costin did the Epic video for “No Color No Light'' Featuring Tom Englund of Evergrey) We absolutely fell in love with his style and were excited to pitch him on City Underground. We figured the building nature of the song and the subject matter would translate well. Costin dug the concept and got to work!” 

On the story behind the concept of City Underground, Costin Chioreanu explains, “At one point, the story brings together four different characters, with different types of perception installed. Their “glasses” makes their installed persona perceive the same image in different ways, each being tuned to a specific type of perception. However two of the four characters have the same perception, and with their round “glasses” they understand the concept of “love” in the same way which is perceived differently by the other two characters. The story shows how characters with different installed types of perception are fighting each other over a subject. As the pain of carrying their persona into a world which is obviously based on a predefined set of values becomes more clear, each character is fighting for the illusion of winning which becomes heavier and heavier as understanding grows. While knowledge and self analysis of the couple grows, everything becomes more clear. There is actually one single set of installed perception and while the apocalypse of hypocritical interdependency is in full process, the museum of pre-defined human values gets weaker and weaker within each character.” 


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